SPBC Ministers and Deacons Wives Ministry:

Supports the pastor in the mission of the church. 

Prepares the Lord's Supper & maintain the Communion supplies. 

Prepares candidates for baptism.

Provides guidance, counsel and advice to younger women of the church and community. 

Comforts those in mourning or distress. 

Visits the sick and shut-in Ministry members and church family.

Counsel those who are in need.


SPBC Deacons Ministry:

Conducts the caring ministry of the church, 

Does the benevolence work, visits the sick, 

Attends to the spiritual needs of the congregation so that the pastoral staff can focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, 

Promotes unity within the church, and facilitates the spread of the gospel.


SPBC  Music Ministry:


Dr. Gary Givens, Minister of Music   Bro. Raymond Jerralds: Saxaphonist    Bro. Alan Carter: Drummer


                 Minister Larry Holmes: Organist        Minister Albert Evans: Base Guitarist     

The Music Ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Encourages believers in their walk with Christ. 

Leads the congregation in worship. 

Provides an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship experience. 

Spreads the Word of God through music. 

 Usher Ministry:

A church usher is a person who helps ensure a smoothly running church service and who ministers to people in a variety of practical ways. The SPBC ushers greet people as they arrive for the service, assist people with special needs, and collect the offering. 

Before the church service starts, the ushers have the responsibility to check the thermostat, check the restrooms, make sure the hymnals are placed correctly, and prepare the bulletins for distribution. As the people arrive, the ushers act as doorkeepers, greeting each person with a smile, shaking hands, and handing out bulletins. They are also available to answer visitors’ questions and extend extra help in seating those who need the assistance.

During the church service, the ushers are responsible to take up the church offering and make sure it is put in the proper place. Ushers have a goal of minimizing distractions during the music and sermon. Ushers stand ready to assist anyone in the congregation who might need help, to aid latecomers in finding a seat, and to inform those in the sanctuary of any urgent matters